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Swarm Removal/Colony Rescue

Swarm Removal/Colony Rescue

Are bees taking over your home or property? Let our Bee-boys handle the situation.

Colony Relocation

Colony Relocation

We offer inspection and bee colony relocation services. Call us for any bee concerns!

Beekeeping Workshop

Beekeeping Workshop

We give beekeeping talks, seminars and workshops as this is of much importance in providing an avenue for learning about our pollinators.

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What our clients say

Me and my friends have been searching a place to go somewhere in Batangas. We're doing this for my bucket list and we arrived at this site. Honestly, I haven't been in a farm before not until we had a trip at Milea. Though it's only my first farm visit, I tell it's the best one. The air is fresh, far from the city. The ambiance gives you a feel like home, relaxing! You'll find yourself in midst of nature and you don't want to leave because you'll get attached to it. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, YOU'LL LEARN A LOT. You'll make you wanna say, "All my life has been a lie" (I know it sounds ridiculous but believe me, you'll say it once you visit here) because Sir Rico will open your minds with his facts and knowledge. All in all, I just wanna say I want to go back and visit this place again. It caught my heart not only because of its nature and such but also the people who run this place (they are really accommodating) If you want to understand what I'm saying, go HERE! You won't regret it <3

What a wonderful experience touring this farm and listening to Sir Rico's talk.  His passion about farming and bees is truly fascinating and contagious. The whole trip made my husband and I long for a retirement in a farm like his - a quiet and happy life while making a difference in the environment.

An excellent place to visit, I’m not a big fan of bees until I visited this place. It's a wonderful experience and I came to know about the bees, it’s educational. Thank you to Aries for accommodating us. It’s Highly recommended!

We went to Milea Bee Farm to celebrate my birthday last March. We love the bee farm. The Farm Tour was educational for the whole family. The Bees were truly amazing doing their pollination and producing honey and so much more by products. The farm was a reminder to me that if you take care of the nature it will give you so much abundance. Love the fresh air and the chirping of the birds. It was relaxing and invigorating to the body, soul and mind.Good job for Mr. Rico and Ms. Edilee* for propagating beekeeping in the country. And for educating Filipinos in farming and beekeeping. I will definitely go back to Milea Bee Farm again.

Unforgettable experience ! Definitively recommended. As a nature enthusiast, I enjoyed every second I spent at Milea Bee Farm. The tour on the bees was fascinating, there is also a multitude of other beautiful insects and butterflies everywhere! I was amazed by the biodiversity in such a small place, you'll find cinnamon tree, plenty of vanilla orchids, and many species that are quite unusual! Sir Rico was very helpful and welcoming as well and... THE FOOD! I know this isn't listed as a restaurant, but if you get the chance to eat there... I did not expect to have such amazing food, all local and organic and creative and yummy, no other place I've been to in the Philippines equals the quality of the food I ate there

It's the coolest farm I've been to. I wanted to see the bees & buy some honey but discovered so much more about our ecosystem and plants that I never new existed like the natural cool fever. Place a leaf on your head and instant relief for fever and headaches. Super enjoyed the natural juices! Can't get enough! My favorite is the camote tops with calamansi. Yum!!! I would spend every weekend there if I could.

You can experience seeing both European bees and our local stingless bees in their natural habitats, explore the farm and the different kinds of vegetables they produce (you can even buy directly from them!), and listen to the teachings and stories from the owner himself, Sir Rico Omoyon! Everyone in the farm is also really humble and sweet, and they really make sure that you're going to have a good time and make the most out of your trip in the farm. They also sell their own products like soap, honey, and other skin remedies (and you can guarantee it's 100% safe). Visiting Milea is a truly unique and wonderful experience and I highly recommend going here with your friends and family.

I recommend this place to those who are looking for a meaningful day-tour escapades. Also, I highly encourage educators to bring their students here for field trips. It is 100% safe and rest assured that both students and teachers will surely learn a lot. For a student like me who doesn't want boring tours, Milea Bee Farm is the place to be!

“Loyal will we BEE to Silliman” tour. Rico gave a short but fun and educational talk about bees, pollination, honey and how the plants and flowers in the farm play a role in honey production. Adding to the learning was knowing the various products derived from their farm produce for bath & body products as well as beeswax for leather goods! It was also a delight knowing that the insect repellent of Amanpulo is supplied by Milea because my friends and I had to come to an agreement as to who will take home the small spray bottle from our rooms.

Great learning....great food! One of my best experience in farm education! From theoretical to the hands-on experience and expedition in looking and extracting the bees, it was all worth it. Aside from the great learning, Rico and Eds prepares the best organic food for every meal and merienda.

A "Bee"fferent kind of experience! We really thank our friends from Lipa for taking us to this place. Really lovely and a whole different kind of vacation experience. It was educational as well as entertaining to know a lot about bees. We really enjoyed the snacks available too! Definitely a place that's highly recommended.

Excellent place to learn beekeeping! Great place! Great food! Really nice people! I learned a lot from the beekeeping workshop at Milea. Every question was answered and all information was given to us.

Wonderfully Amazing Sidetrip Adventure - Awesome educational experience about plants and bees. Owners Sir Rico and Ms. Edilee have passion in what they do. Healthy organic salad from the farm. They serve delicious food. A must-go place when in Lipa.

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