Beesita sa Bukid is a guided tour package of Milea Bee Farm. Visitors will be able to learn about bees, organic agriculture and healthy lifestyle.

Just to give you a heads up, Milea Bee Farm is not a resort. It is a small working farm dedicated for the propagation and care of three (3) species of honey producing bees. We can show you around to see the bees in their habitat. We have the Italian Bees (apis mellifera), Philippine Native Honey Bees (apis cerana) and different kinds of Philippine Native Stingless Bees (tetragonula). It is situated in a secluded area with no neighbors and without electricity. You need to walk about a 200 meter dirt path way from the parking area. Wearing rubber shoes with socks is recommended.

You can have a taste of honey, fresh from the bee hive; know and see the different honey producing bee species; know the sources of nectar and pollen as well as edible flowers; discover the relationship between bees & flowers; and how bees are closely related to the food chain.

Hope we could share to you why bees are important and how you can lend a hand to the worldwide concern, and our continuing campaign to Help Save The Bees. It will be a totally different educational experience both kids and adults will enjoy.

The tour starts with a short Bee Talk, then a guided walk inside the Bee Yard, then everyone partakes of refreshing teas made of edible flowers, fruits, herbs and honey.

You can find us on Waze, Google Maps or Google Earth for directions leading to the farm.

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