Honey and Farm Products

NatSoda – Natural Sodas

Quench your thirst and heal your body! All the goodness of fresh fruits fermented in honey and added to Kefir Water. It is rich in probiotics and beneficial enzymes. Available variants: Yacon, Butterfly Pea, Pomelo, Lipote, and Pineapple.


Pure, Raw Multifloral Honey 430gms

Let’s do our share in helping mother nature. Support and buy the products of our farmers! Let’s drink natural honey – it is the best of all nutritive sweeteners.

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Bee Pollen from Coconut Flowers 20g.

It contains every nutrient that is required to sustain human life and all the main antioxidants that have been discovered to date making it one of the most nutritionally complete…

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Bee Sting 335ml

A unique blend of Philippine rice wine and native honey bee extracts provide benefit to the body with semi-sweet taste that glides on smoothly.

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Honey Cider Vinegar 150ml.

Milea Bee Farm’s Honey Cider is specially blended and made from honey fermentation in which the vinegar was obtained from pure honey and bee pollen.

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Propolis is also traditionally known as a beneficial treatment for toothaches and mouth sores, and can be useful to topically treat fungal conditions such as athlete’s foot.

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Trigona Honey 115gms

This honey is collected by Stingless Bees (Trigona Biroi).
It includes lots of pollen making it taste sour but rich in nutrients.

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Bee Pollen 60gms

Bee pollen has over 96 different nutrients and has been used in traditional Chinese and Ancient Egyptian herbal medicine for thousands of years.

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Milea Bee Farm’s Pesto

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