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Swarm Removal/Colony Rescue

Swarm Removal/Colony Rescue

Are bees taking over your home or property? Let our Bee-boys handle the situation.

Colony Relocation

Colony Relocation

We offer inspection and bee colony relocation services. Call us for any bee concerns!

Beekeeping Workshop

Beekeeping Workshop

We give beekeeping talks, seminars and workshops as this is of much importance in providing an avenue for learning about our pollinators.

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What our clients say

Mr. Rico was wonderful and very knowledgeable on all things extending beyond beekeeping. He was very accommodating to all visitors and his passion towards the ecosystem is very inspiring. Plus lunch buffet was well worth (and even more) the price you pay!! 5 stars

If you want a worthwhile break from your everyday life, Milea is the perfect place for you. The bee farm overflows with natural beauty and wonders that will definitely give you the kind of peace you’ve been looking for. Away from the constant hustle and bustle of city life, the place didn’t only calm our souls – it also thought me and my friends that we can find pure happiness in the act of caring for nature. The flowers, herbs, and trees (made abundant by the presence of honey-making bees and pretty butterflies) are all very enchanting. What’s more, Mr. Rico was a very accommodating owner and tour guide, and I deeply admire his capability to keep us entertained as he shared the vast amount of knowledge he possesses on the subjects of keeping bees, growing plants, managing a farm, and being a total nature lover. Truly, Milea Bee Farm is such a relaxing place that will make you feel like you’ve just taken your first ever breath. It’s so captivating that I am definitely sure I’ll be back there soon. I think you’d very much feel the same.

We just planned to go to this bee farm without knowing something, and I just thought this is just a bee farm, wherein there is only bees, but when we start walking into the narrow way to farm the surrounding is wonderful it was full of flowers and tropical plants. When we enter the part we saw many different types of bees and we are being educated by things about bees and how bees are important to us. This is a good experience in a bee farm, this is not just a farm but an attraction. I highly recommended this tour to any group or individual who are into a fun experience. Thanks to the Melia Bee Farm for this wonderful experience.

The tour was very informative! Mr. Omoyon was very approachable and welcomes inquiries about beekeeping, he even encourages you to do it! The farm employees were very accommodating and friendly. You get to buy the freshest vegetables they have on the farm. The juice served was really fantastic. Our experience made me want to live a peaceful farm life 🙂

If you want to spend the day being surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants, learning about the bees and our environment, and just being one with nature, then Milea Bee Farms is the perfect place to visit! You can experience seeing both European bees and our local stingless bees in their natural habitats, explore the farm and the different kinds of vegetables they produce (you can even buy directly from them!), and listen to the teachings and stories from the owner himself, Sir Rico Omoyon! Everyone in the farm is also really humble and sweet, and they really make sure that you're going to have a good time and make the most out of your trip in the farm. They also sell their own products like soap, honey, and other skin remedies (and you can guarantee it's 100% safe). Visiting Milea is a truly unique and wonderful experience and I highly recommend going here with your friends and family 🙂

I have not yet visited the Milea Bee Farm personally, but im planning to do it maybe this year with Family and Some Friends. All i can say is I love Milea Products especially the Honey, it is really pure, unaltered and not processed, also it has many benefits,, kaya if i were you Only Buy from reputable source Like Milea Bee Farm kasi their products talagang of Highest Quality at 'di kayo magsisisi dahil kung ano nasa label nila 'yun talaga ang product na gagamitin mo. Two Thumbs up!

Our small team had a buzz worthy trip at Milea Orchard Bee Farm. Sir Rico Omoyon’s passion in beekeeping was very evident as he unselfishly shared his experience and expertise. Colonies of Italian Bees and Stingless Bees can be seen around the farm. Things I learned from BEES: 1) Make each day count. Focus on the role you are given. Give your best and maximize what you can do every single day. 2) Stick to your partner. Like how a bee is loyal to one flower or fruit bearing plant, we should also commit ourselves to our chosen partner in life. 3) Sip life’s sweet moments. Find and share the goodness of this world. 4) BEE united. Cooperate and work together. 5) Always find your way home. Wherever life takes you, go home to your family at the end of the day. I highly recommend going on a BEESITA sa BUKID trip to Milea Bee Farm. Next time I see a bee, I won’t duck and hide. Learning how they function, I now have a higher regard for our busy bees!

The owners are very accommodating. Great place. Great products. We're really blessed and grateful that we've been to this bee farm. Will surely go back soon!

This was a great day trip for young children, the staff was very informative and helpful and even prepared snacks for everyone. Farm to table coconut juice and organic honey, even the adults super enjoyed!

Love the farm! It was amazing to see different species of bees. I love how they maximize the space, the farm was jam-packed with different flowering and fruit-bearing plants. The staffs are very accommodating! Edible flowers is the best!!!

It was such an experience to be able to see a farm grow and prosper with the help of bees. I grew up believing that bees are a pest and they don't do good to the environment aside from flowers. so, yes I was a little bit hesitant to go here. But my eyes have been opened thanks to Sir Rico who happily answer all of our questions regarding with the bees. I will definitely go back here!

BEEyond Expectations! Milea Bee Farm is filled with life and wonder! We got to tour around the farm and learn more about how the ecosystem is made better with bees around. The tour showcased the beauty of the farm. It was Beautiful, Educational, and Entertaining. The experience as a whole was a breath of fresh air compared to the hustle and bustle of the city. Thank you, Milea team for being so accommodating and amazing!

Where else will you bee? Visiting Milea was an amazing experience: Great food! Beautiful farm! Friendly staff! Inspiring owners! It was a unique recreational and educational trip for me and my students. The next time I visit the Philippines, I will visit Milea with my family!

Amazing place. Food is good, facilitators are great. Pure green as far as the eye can see. Highly recommended for learning trips and personal recreation / relaxation.

A beesita experience. We enjoyed every moment of stay at Milea Bee Farm. Walking around in the farm with the owner himself,  Mr. Rico Omoyon was really great. Very educational and overwhelming.  For those who want to have a piece of that beesita experience, come and see the Milea Bee Farm.

Eye-opening and Inspiring Bee-sit. Lucky to have the owner Rico Omoyon during our visit at Milea Bee Farm. Learned a lot about bees, how important they are in the food chain and pollination of flowers, his passion about teaching and empowering other farmers about the importance and the know-how in raising bees. I didn’t expect it to be that informative but it was an eye opening and inspiring visit. Bees are important and farmers in the Philippines do not realize that. Visit not only for the photos but for the learning.

Must visit! Visiting the bee farm was such a great experience because I didn't expect to learn so much about bees and how important they are in the agricultural sector. The owners, Rico and Edilee Omoyon, were so accommodating and hands on with showing us around the farm and educating us about everything the market should know about bees and honey. It surprised me that most if not all honey that is found in the supermarket aren't even honey but rather just sugar syrups which explains its cheap prices. Moreover, these fake honey are all just uniformly sweet... Read more

Full of Surprises. The bee farm is wonderful as well as the people in there. The place is very relaxing and refreshing. Thank you Sir Rico for teaching us and answering our inquiries for our feasibility study. We learned a lot about bees and its importance. Thank you also to Sir Lance for the tour and the rest of the team for accommodating us. The products they are selling is worth the price because it is all organic. You might add visiting Milea Bee Farm in your next visit in Batangas because it is reeeaaally a must visit!

We made the right choice. So we were conducting our feasibility study together with CSR and we asked Milea Bee Farm to help us. We got more than what we expect. From the yellow umbrella given to us by a lady to orientation of sir rico to canton meters away to eco-tour of Sir lance to meryenda of suman with latik and juice to product selling we are really satisfied. from there, we realized the importance of bees around the world and we got to know different flowers and plants. the happenings i had will always be my story when we talk about batangas. highly recommended bee farm. what a memorable one!

This is a very educational place to be when it comes to agricultural bee farming. It's full of nice people. Although slightly hard to find for me to say the least but it's worth it. The sight of the garden is very beautiful. This is the only bee farm I've been to that actually explained why they do this and how basically everything works to the point that it even teaches children. My little sisters learned a lot from them. I've enjoyed the time being there cause the persons who toured us around was very cheerful and very polite.

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